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. >> the crisis in ukraine, two developments this morning: first, secretary of state john kerry is in kiev as tensions between ukraine and russia escalate. second, in the last few hours, russian presidents putin went before t cameras to address the situation. abc7 news reporter is in washington with the latest. >>> good morning, world powers are warning president putin to withdraw before the situation explodes. so far, he has not budged. >> russian president putin is not back down. today he called the new government illegitimate say it took power as a result of a coup and has ordered some troops on the border to return home tensions are high. >> with the russian air force in the skies and russian boots on the ground and the russian navy patrolling the ports putin controls the crimea region a huge escalation raising tensions around the globe. russia says the troops are protecting shall be citizens from the unrest sparked by protests that led to the out of thing of the president. >> the country is plunged into chaos. all military exercises are put on hold by the pentagon. president obama is
between russia and ukraine. secretary of state john kerry and ukraine's foreign minister are meeting in paris while nato leaders meet in brussels. more on this ant tend tense dess the situation. >> reporter: exactly right, eric. high-level talks and diplomacy under way. the international community is getting together in an effort to try to de-escalate the situation. even vladimir putin is now saying, he's nots looking for a fight. the u.s. and other nations are still trying to diffuse the standoff in ukraine. in paris, secretary of state john kerry met with the foreign ministers of ukraine and great britain before talks with russia. >> there are very clear legal obligations that are at risk in this, and we're going to talk about those here this morning. >> reporter: yesterday the secretary blasted vladimir putin's invasion of crimea. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> reporter: in crimea, tensions remain high. with russian and ukrainian troops staring each other down. putin says he ordered troops
to the love of his life, 29-year-old kerry johnson. the pair quickly wed and price went to work granting his bride's wishes. he took her and her four children to disneyland paris and whisked her off to new york for shopping. they booked another trip but they ran out of time. he died in his wife's arms and the funeral was in the same church where the pair wed. he told the bbb, if his love could have saved him, he would have lived together. he said he lived completely in the moment and taught me to do the same. >> next on the abc7 saturday morning news, our storm watch coverage continues in the santa cruz mountains where residents have been dealing with flooding, fallen trees and some minor slides. and the recent rain, what people in one north bay city will have to do because of the drought. >> we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's live on the rooftop of the broadcast center. how is it looking out there? >> breezy and cool. most of the activity is sinking south. we have light rain around the bay area. it shows from vallejo to po
kerry washington who is pregnant and ended by say she didn't have any money and asked brad pitt and everyone to pitch in for the pizza. >> good thing there were a bunch of millionaires in the audience to celebrate. we are giving away agree movie tickets for a year through our pace book page. >> there will be seven winners and the latest winner is natalie from fremont. all you have to do to enter is "like us" on facebook. >> we are going to shift gories. right now the murder trial of "blade runner" oscar pistorius is underway in south africa officially. he has entered not guilty plea in the murder of his girlfriend. he has been entering a obsessed hand who shot her in a fit of rage. >> president obama will offer support for a government threatened by russia and believes russia has complete control of peninsula, a pro russian part of the use c.i. the united states and allies are weighing sanctions on now and whether to benefit up defenses in europe. >> we want to take a look at trading on wall street, with the dow trading down 126 points to 16,195. that is how we start the week. >
on "this week" george stephanopolous goes one on one with secretary of state john kerry about the crisis. this is russian parliament, grant's russian president vladimir putin authority to use the military to protect russian interests in ukraine. you can catch "this week" right here on abc 7 at 8:00. >>> a double amputee olympian, oscar pistorius will go on trial tomorrow fighting charges he murdered his model girlfriend. nicknamed the bladerunner because of his prosthetic legs, pistorius has already admitted to shooting reeva steenkamp in his home last year. he said he mistook her for an instruder, firing four times through a locked door and killing her. the prosecution says pistorius is a gun obsessed risk taker who shot steenkamp in a fit of rage. his defense is, it was a mistake and a reasonable person could have made the same mistake. fair enough but that's a tough defense considering that oscar pistorius shot his own girlfriend in his own home multiple times, you would think it might be a victory for them if the judge only convicts him of a lesser crime of culpable homicide meaning
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5